Festival information Sawara no dashi gyouji

Sawara no dashi gyouji means Sawara Grand festival in Japanese. this page is detail information of summer festival in Sawara.

Sawara no dashigyouji means the big float festival in Sawara. Ino Tadataka

Sawara no dashigyouji means the big float festival in Sawara. Ino Tadataka

In boundary Onogawa flowing through the heart of the city of Sawara to be divided into east and west, the region of the east side we call ‘HONJYUKU‘,the other side of Onogawa river we call the region of west ‘Shinjuku‘. the area of the original from the Middle Ages. ‘Gion’ is derived from the Gion Spirit meeting was initiated in order to quell the curse of the plague in Sada outlook year in Kyoto (859-877). From the literature material, Gozu Tenno company already is the predecessor of the Yasaka Shrine in the 14th century that has been enshrined in the land of Yokaichiba Sahara at Sawara are known is the very first era of our the big float festival means ‘Sawara no dashigyouji’ in Japanese .

There are ten big floats run by each region on east side of Onogawa river.

Festival of Sawara (Sawara no dashigyouji) is one of the Kanto region 3 large “float festival”, tradition also over about 300 years, has been designated as an important intangible folk cultural heritage of the country. The float body of the total zelkova building, a heavy sculpture of weeden carved, such as lion and dragon is decorated, at the top are decorated with large dolls ranging in height 4m, which was produced by master puppeteer Ed Meiji Period. While sounded all over the town to the sound of Japan’s three major musical accompaniment “Sahara Bayashi”, through the streets, called the small Edo  (country selection conservation district of traditional buildings), advance grazing the edge of the eaves of houses floats. Taste plenty of the summary is reminiscent of the scene of the Edo era ‘Sawara no dashigyouji’.


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