Suigō Sawara Aquatic Botanical Garden

Suigō Sawara Aquatic Botanical Garden

Various and local iris of Japan, is there has to iris overseas are most varieties in the world you will be satisfied if in good bloom beautifully Ayame us to clean is familiar popular species and new species applied every year, makes gorgeously glossy celebrated the next garden party. you can walked through the beautiful flowers reflected in the water, and rest on a bench under the wisteria trellis in some places, quiet It becomes the contented feeling.

Seedlings of favorite varieties, you can buy the park or outside of store openings. Walking slowly the park is also good, and over in the boat also good, people who like also stroll people who like flowers come to buy flowers, I think that it is enjoyable.
Look around you feel Although it is rainy season that looks more beautiful becase it is Iris is raining.

Since different varieties in anticipation of the shift of the flowering period has been moderately placed, where beautiful flowers also look at was seen all seaason.
Lotus and water lily flowers can watch take the boat over the garden pond
If you go in at least morning morning so open morning, seen the spectacular views of the lotus and the iris (japan Iris )

Threre is installed benches throughout the park, you can look around while slowly break there is also a wooden arched bridge, you can tour to see the park map in the elderly and small children, strollers, etc..

If lucky, you can see a real classic “wedding boat” which traditional ceremony for wedding.

Iris is something that has been gardening of continued improvement in the iris of the wild called “Nohanashoubu”. Take an improved place names are distinguished such as Edo, Ise Higo system, the many varieties was born.
400 varieties 1.5 million pieces of iris aquatic botanical garden boasts the East, please enjoy slowly while thinking of the Roman predecessors who put a dream to improve.
Iris is a horticultural plant representing Japan, also, as a flower representative from the late Edo period as flower less rainy season to flower Edo the (Tokyo), also many as flowers add color to the waterside It has been loved by the Japanese.
Aquatic Botanical Gardens whole area is a region that has pioneered the Shu made by moving the capital east of the Tone River, it has been commonly called Uppurui from the fact that sixteen of the village has been formed. Pond dotted with riverside zones waterway runs vertically and horizontally, farm work, etc. from the traffic means boat was the principal.
1955’s the late (1960s), according to the high growth of Japan, was held land improvement projects in order to pursue the convenience of the agricultural work. And in order to save the Vanishing riverside landscape, is planned aquatic botanical garden, tourism utilizes the corner about five hectares of Yodaura landfill located in the riverside district Tsukuba National park, and represent the vestiges of the riverside area, get in contact – as recreational facilities, we opened in 1969 (1969).
As the name of the water garden, we have cultivated exhibition at the center of the waterfront of the plant.




Suigō Sawara Aquatic Botanical Garden



By train: Take the JR Narita line to Sawara Station and walk 15 mins
By car: Higashi Kanto Expressway, 10 mins from Sawara-Katori exit
By High-way bus: Kanto Railways Green Bus from Tokyo Station for Hokota-station, getting off at Yasaka.
Keisei bus, from Hamamatsu-cho, or Tokyo-station, bound for Choshi, via Sawara: Get off at Sawara station north exit, and walk 20 mins.

Then take bus from Sawara Staion


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