Inō Tadataka place for being buried

inō tadataka Grave1

inō tadataka

When inō tadataka died in year (1818),  The hair and nails is a family temple of Ino house, was buried in “Kanpyukuji” Sawara Chiba.

Grave inō tadataka Kanpukuji

inō tadataka died in year (1818), remains was buried side-by-side with the tomb of Yoshitoki Takahashi by testament.

From Asakusa Sensoji Temple, walking to the location of about 10 minutes, there is a source sky temple two people of inō tadataka and Yoshitoki Takahashi sleep quietly at Genkuuji. This area is also in Tokyo, is a relatively quiet place. In addition, also it is known for its many temples in the vicinity of the whole area. Minamotosoratera in the temple of the Jodo sect, until you moved to Asakusa in the Great Fire of 1657 was in Yushima. The founding was MadokaHomare is located in the Tera-den that it had attracted a lot of believers in 1590 Yushima of hermitage. Tokugawa Ieyasu also devotion to MadokaHomare, it seems to have been listening to the law by calling often to Edo Castle. Ieyasu in 1604, has given the named after Honen source empty name to circle honor “Genkuuji”

As shown in the right photo, we are standing lanterns is one between two people of the grave at “Genkuji” Ueno Tokyo.

The size of the grave, it is more of Tadataka is slightly larger.

Grave inō tadataka Genkuuji Grave2Takahashi


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