Inō Tadataka museum

You know it seems to know not that it did not only recognition of the human position that made the Japanese map in the Edo era in what often was thought to be by and respect the great predecessors in knowing that life admiration. House in the immediate vicinity can also be impossible a tour since the time of tourism touch was I think a must-see of the facility.

Inō Tadataka  is from the past 50 years, to walk by surveying all over Japan, is the person who created a Japan’s very first accurate map of Japan. Ino Tadataka Memorial follow the life of Tadataka in chronological order, we will introduce great performance nobody else has been done ever before.

Memorial that are showcasing the achievements made an accurate map of Japan by surveying the Japan from the past life and 50-year-old Tadataka Ino was the headman of the Sahara. While developing the family business from getting to the son-in-law taken into family also self-taught in the study such as astronomy, again to learn to be carried out after retirement when he was 50 in Edo, is the life you have created a precise map of Japan. On display, such as surveying equipment and maps was able to go around while listening to the explanation that you have just admission to the time guide tour begins. There was also a screening of animation for children.


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