Sawara no dashigyouji The Big Float festival of Sawara in summer is coming 10th of July

What is most important thisThe Big Float festival of Sawara is it will be Intangible Cultural Heritage UNECO and under council with 32 other festivals in Japan Sawara no dashigyouji.

A big doll of 4m in height is put to the float which most hight in Japan festival.

The festival has history of the tradition since about 300 years ago in “Grand festival of Sawara” in Japanese “Sawara no dashigyouji”summer and autumn festival.

This coming the summer festival from 10th to 12th of July 10 floats are operated on Historical site along the Onogawa river side.

Festival itself whether it is not clear was started from the days of time, ritual of beach down to June 10 of the lunar calendar until 1702 (1702),The festival is go to Hashimoto put out a portable shrine from each region before sunset of the 10th, put back sacred sake to the consecration performs the dedication of Kagura in the river boat, before sunset of the 12th to make a Okariya before Osamu Samurai home of carpenter out of the Tenno, Inc., there to carry a portable shrine, and those in that return to each region

In 1703 in response to the offer with as many people can be pilgrimage to the shrine, and will-call to Okariya without attributed traces portable shrine of the beach down, and 12 It became a form of faith that back in the day. Then, also now turning the portable shrine to each town, first kneaded in Portable shrine faith is now appearing in 1714 (1714).






The Big Float festival of Sawara

Summer: Fri, Sat, Sun (3 days) after 10th July
Autumn: Fri, Sat, Sun in the 2nd week of Oct


By train: Take the JR Narita line to Sawara Station and walk 15 mins
By car: Higashi Kanto Expressway, 10 mins from Sawara-Katori exit
By High-way bus: Kanto Railways Green Bus from Tokyo Station for Hokota-station, getting off at Yasaka.
Keisei bus, from Hamamatsu-cho, or Tokyo-station, bound for Choshi, via Sawara: Get off at Sawara station north exit, and walk 20 mins.

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