Sawara no taisai Summer festival has began today!

Sawara no taisai

Hunado float

sawara no taisai summer is starting today.

We called “EDO MASARI “means superior to Edo.

There are 10 big float running over Sawara preserved district.

Festival of Sawara (Sawara no dashigyouji) is one of the Kanto 3 large “float festival”, tradition also over about 300 years.

Which has been designated as an important intangible folk cultural heritage of the country and will be nominated world heritage very soon.

The float body of the total zelkova building, a heavy sculpture of Kanto-carved, such as lion and dragon is decorated, at the top are decorated with large dolls ranging in height 4m, which was produced by master puppeteer Ed Meiji Period. going through the small streets, called the small Edo (country selection conservation district of traditional buildings), advance grazing the edge of the eaves of houses floats. Taste plenty of the summary is reminiscent of the scene of the Edo era.



Carving wood is most remarkable this Floats

There is no golden nor silver put around float.

they got wood carving each four sides.

for example

Wooden carving 2 Wooden Carving1


There are wood carvings on Hunado Float

Most of the carvings around the floats were produced by notable master sculptors of EDO period.

These master themselves are already historic and majesty.


Come and see Sawara no taisai.

your visit is very welcome.


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