Congratulations on UNESCO registration Sawara big float festival


It became certain that Katori City’s “Festival of Sahara Festival” (Sawara’s Great Festival) will be registered as an intangible cultural heritage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Registration will be decided at the UNESCO meeting since the 28th, the officials of the festival raised a voice of joy and renewed the feelings toward further development of the festival.
Vice Chairman of Suigun Sahara Tourism Association “I’ve always believed, but I can not suppress my excitement.” The big festival held every summer and autumn not only attracts a lot of tourists, it is also the greatest fun for Mr. Sawara. Mr. Kobayashi said, “It was a festival that our seniors built up, I was glad that Sawara’s way of living was accepted.”
The attraction of the festival is a festive car with glittering sculptures and light fancy music (Hayashi). However, we analyze that NPO corporation “Okoshi Sahara’s festival promotion association” making a town through the Great Festival is “not only gorgeous but decorative.”
The festival which has a history of about 300 years has been handed down by changing the rhythm of the music accompanied with the times. Mr. Ino said, “Sahara’s spirit is appreciated, I will further evolve the festival as a result of registration, I want to make efforts to show a better festival.”
Mayor Katori commented, “I am very happy that it will be an opportunity to transmit the festival’s charm to overseas, to cooperate with the country and related organizations and to be registered according to the recommendation. The governor commented, “We are extremely pleased with the advancement of the prefecture’s first UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, and I am very happy that I would like to further appeal to the appeal of the prefecture’s traditional culture and regional promotion.”



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