Autumn Festival of big float Sawara no dashigyouji

Sawara no dashigyouji

Sawara no dashigyouji in autumn

From 9th to 11th of October, through the historic presevustion town from the Edo era, The big floats are carrying a large doll of leading Japan riding on the examining of Sawara musical accompaniment “Autumn festival of the Sawara”. Large dolls are about five meters tall and sculptures decorate the floats of the total zelkova building, together, those famous doll nurses and sculptor who played early Showa from the Edo era worked. This profound brilliant floats, GEZA musician play while sounded in town nimble your musical accompaniment when sometimes elegant, is fucked dragged by grazing the eaves of merchant. Shinjuku Autumn Festival (Suwa Shrine Autumn Festival) in the dragged fucked each town boasts stunning floats are, tune rich Sawara Hayashi, streets with a storehouse, riverside district. The charm of the “Edo outperform” nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property “Sawara of the festival”, please feel a full of EDO era.

Autumn Festival Sawara

Autumn Festival Sawara

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