Congratulations on UNESCO registration Sawara big float festival



It became certain that Katori City’s “Festival of Sahara Festival” (Sawara’s Great Festival) will be registered as an intangible cultural heritage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Registration will be decided at the UNESCO meeting since the 28th, the officials of the festival raised a voice of joy and renewed the feelings toward further development of the festival.
Vice Chairman of Suigun Sahara Tourism Association “I’ve always believed, but I can not suppress my excitement.” The big festival held every summer and autumn not only attracts a lot of tourists, it is also the greatest fun for Mr. Sawara. Mr. Kobayashi said, “It was a festival that our seniors built up, I was glad that Sawara’s way of living was accepted.”
The attraction of the festival is a festive car with glittering sculptures and light fancy music (Hayashi). However, we analyze that NPO corporation “Okoshi Sahara’s festival promotion association” making a town through the Great Festival is “not only gorgeous but decorative.”
The festival which has a history of about 300 years has been handed down by changing the rhythm of the music accompanied with the times. Mr. Ino said, “Sahara’s spirit is appreciated, I will further evolve the festival as a result of registration, I want to make efforts to show a better festival.”
Mayor Katori commented, “I am very happy that it will be an opportunity to transmit the festival’s charm to overseas, to cooperate with the country and related organizations and to be registered according to the recommendation. The governor commented, “We are extremely pleased with the advancement of the prefecture’s first UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, and I am very happy that I would like to further appeal to the appeal of the prefecture’s traditional culture and regional promotion.”



カテゴリー: events of sawara, The Big Float festival of Sawara

Will be held to celebrate the moment big float will be listed by UNESCO intangible cultural heritage

big float

We recently received a recommendation from the Evaluation Facility of the Intergovernmental Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Treaty for “big float”, hall and stall events” proposed for UNESCO intangible cultural heritage registration. Following this recommendation, final decision will be made at the 11th Intergovernmental Committee to be held in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) between 28th November and 2nd December.this means it s time to ripe to be listed for UNESCO.Formally, it will be deliberated and decided by the eleventh intergovernmental committee of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage protection treaty to be held in Ethiopia from 28th November this year. Public viewing will be held to celebrate the moment with you. We will also open to the general public, please join us.

Will be held to celebrate the moment big float will be listed by UNESCO intangible cultural heritage with a 32 other festival are follow
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Yamanashi of Kakunodate Festival (Semboku City, Akita Prefecture)
Hikiyama event of the Tsuchizaki Shinmei Festival (Akita City, Akita Prefecture)
Flower festival stall event (Kazuno city, Akita prefecture)
Shinjo Festival’s Festival Event (Shinjo City, Yamagata Prefecture)
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Chichibu stall events and Kagura (Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture)
Festival event of Kawagoe Hikawa Festival (Kawagoe-city, Saitama Prefecture)
Sahara’s Festival Event (Katori City, Chiba Prefecture)
Okiyama event of Takaoka Mikuma Festival (Takaoka city, Toyama Prefecture)
Uozu’s Tatemon Event (Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture)
Hikiyama event of the castle end Shinmei Palace festival (Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture)
Blue Kashiwa festival hikiyama event (Nanao city, Ishikawa prefecture)
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Festival of Furukawa Festival Taiko · Food Event (Hida City, Gifu Prefecture)
Ogaki Festival Yamaha Event (Ogaki-shi, Gifu Prefecture)
Car Osaka event of Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival (Tsushima City, Aichi prefecture, Aichi city)
Chimura’s mountain car Bunraku and Karakuri (Aichi prefecture Chiryu city)
Inuyama Festival’s Car Mountain Event (Inuyama City, Aichi)
Kamezaki Shiodome Festival float event (Handa City, Aichi)
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Whale boat event of Toriaki Shrine (Yokkaichi city, Mie prefecture)
Dangjiri event of Ueno Tenjin Festival (Iga city, Mie prefecture)
Festival car event of Kuwana stone festival (Kuwana city, Mie prefecture)
Nagahama hikiyama festival hikiyama event (Nagahama city, Shiga prefecture)
Yamahoko event of Kyoto Gion Festival (Kyoto City, Kyoto)
Hakata Gion Yamakata event (Fukuoka city, Fukuoka prefecture)
Tobata Gion Oyamakata event (Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka prefecture)
Karatsu Kunchi’s hikiyama event (Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture)
Kamiyuki event of Yatsushiro Myanmi Festival (Yatsushiro city, Kumamoto prefecture)
Higashiyama event of Hita Gion (Hita city, Oita prefecture)

カテゴリー: events of sawara, The Big Float festival of Sawara

Great Festival Autumn Festival of Sawara 2016

Great Festival Autumn Festival of Sawara

This year’s “Great Festival Autumn Festival of Sawara” was held.
The autumn festival, a festival of Suwa Shrine, will show off 14 Shijuku district, 14 mountain cars, and brilliantly brilliant bending songs like “Letters of Letters” will be shown here and there.
A total of 347,000 people visited us in three days.
Thank you to everyone who visited us.
Event schedule

Friday the 7th
10:00 am to 10:00 pm inside each town “rushing the mountain car” (14 mountain cars)
At any designated place from time to time “Lettering of”
At any occasion festival stage plaza and elsewhere “Showing of Sahara Hayashi and hand dance”
8th (Saturday)
“Arrangement of 14 floats” at Nakagawa Kishi Dori (before the festival stage square) around 11 AM
After sand cutting through through noon, cruise cargo
At around 4 p.m. “Karako Kaido Highway (in front of Waku Waku Great Resting Plaza)” Completed Arrangement of 14 Floats
“Passenger’s number handover event” from 6:20 pm
From 7:40 pm sequentially to each town
At any occasion festival stage plaza and elsewhere “Showing of Sahara Hayashi and hand dance”
9th (Sunday)
From 9 am, Suwa Shinto shrine Travel Branch (next to the festival headquarters) Suwa Shinto shrine “Mikoshi no Mikoto matrix”
10:00 am to 10:00 pm inside each town “rushing the mountain car” (14 floats)
At any designated place from time to time “Lettering of”
At any occasion festival stage plaza and elsewhere “Showing of Sahara Hayashi and hand dance”

カテゴリー: events of sawara

Great Festival Summer big float Festival

Great Festival Summer big float Festival

This year’s “Great Festival Summer big float Festival” was held.A total of 400,000 people visited us in three days.Thank you to everyone who visited us.The summer festival, a festival of Yasaka Shrine, is carried out by ten floats in the Honjuku district, and brilliantly brilliantly bending the strings of “Letters of Letters” will be shown by the day.

カテゴリー: events of sawara

Autumn Festival of big float Sawara no dashigyouji

Sawara no dashigyouji
Sawara no dashigyouji

Sawara no dashigyouji in autumn

From 9th to 11th of October, through the historic presevustion town from the Edo era, The big floats are carrying a large doll of leading Japan riding on the examining of Sawara musical accompaniment “Autumn festival of the Sawara”. Large dolls are about five meters tall and sculptures decorate the floats of the total zelkova building, together, those famous doll nurses and sculptor who played early Showa from the Edo era worked. This profound brilliant floats, GEZA musician play while sounded in town nimble your musical accompaniment when sometimes elegant, is fucked dragged by grazing the eaves of merchant. Shinjuku Autumn Festival (Suwa Shrine Autumn Festival) in the dragged fucked each town boasts stunning floats are, tune rich Sawara Hayashi, streets with a storehouse, riverside district. The charm of the “Edo outperform” nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property “Sawara of the festival”, please feel a full of EDO era.

Autumn Festival Sawara

Autumn Festival Sawara

カテゴリー: events of sawara

Sawara OBON Festival

Sawara obon Festival
Sawara obon Festival

Sawara obon Festival

Become a kimono town Sawara

When’ll let enjoy the taste some streets stroll touch the twilight of summer, Sawara Okamisan Association organized a “light and sound – to enjoy in Sawara-streets-cool of the evening – yukata which Japanese traditional wear free of charge to rent”.

Period of August OBON at 8th 15th and 22th of August, the original lights along the over-the-counter and Onogawa river side.

And 15th and 22nd of August, light on small boat will send through Onogawa river as a honors the ancestors is amazing view .

The main event “Bon Festa in Sawara”, in addition to such Sawara Bayashi & total dance in the special stage will showcase, Square to sell light food is installed.

Firework at ‘Michinoeki’ 23th of August

カテゴリー: events of sawara

inō tadataka surveying recording and map will be certified to UNESCO

Ino Tadataka surveying recording and map will be certified to UNESCO in March next year
Inō Tadataka

Inō Tadataka

Memory of the World Programm is, to subject the recording material such as handwritten manuscript, is a events the property UNESCO is certified and registered with a global importance.

National Commission for UNESCO at Japan has been the general public therefore “Ino Tadataka surveying recording and map” of the national treasure 2,345 points in Katori is Ino Tadataka documentation owned able to apply for a 705-point It was made. After the general public the deadline of June 19, when it is determined that the application properties to the UNESCO in the country selection committee, which is scheduled in September, hopefully the application will be certified to UNESCO in March next year.

カテゴリー: events of sawara, ino Tadataka

After earthquake Sawara we are recovering


after earthquake Sawara we have 4th summer festival just finished

People looks get back normal but still some building are destroyed.

Traveler are less than we used to have.


カテゴリー: events of sawara, recovery from earthquake

Sawara no taisai Summer festival has began today!

Sawara no taisai

Hunado float

sawara no taisai summer is starting today.

We called “EDO MASARI “means superior to Edo.

There are 10 big float running over Sawara preserved district.

Festival of Sawara (Sawara no dashigyouji) is one of the Kanto 3 large “float festival”, tradition also over about 300 years.

Which has been designated as an important intangible folk cultural heritage of the country and will be nominated world heritage very soon.

The float body of the total zelkova building, a heavy sculpture of Kanto-carved, such as lion and dragon is decorated, at the top are decorated with large dolls ranging in height 4m, which was produced by master puppeteer Ed Meiji Period. going through the small streets, called the small Edo (country selection conservation district of traditional buildings), advance grazing the edge of the eaves of houses floats. Taste plenty of the summary is reminiscent of the scene of the Edo era.



Carving wood is most remarkable this Floats

There is no golden nor silver put around float.

they got wood carving each four sides.

for example

Wooden carving 2 Wooden Carving1


There are wood carvings on Hunado Float

Most of the carvings around the floats were produced by notable master sculptors of EDO period.

These master themselves are already historic and majesty.


Come and see Sawara no taisai.

your visit is very welcome.


カテゴリー: events of sawara, The Big Float festival of Sawara

Sawara no dashigyouji The Big Float festival of Sawara in summer is coming 10th of July

Sawara Grand Festival Sawara no dashigyouji

What is most important thisThe Big Float festival of Sawara is it will be Intangible Cultural Heritage UNECO and under council with 32 other festivals in Japan Sawara no dashigyouji.

A big doll of 4m in height is put to the float which most hight in Japan festival.

The festival has history of the tradition since about 300 years ago in “Grand festival of Sawara” in Japanese “Sawara no dashigyouji”summer and autumn festival.

This coming the summer festival from 10th to 12th of July 10 floats are operated on Historical site along the Onogawa river side.

Festival itself whether it is not clear was started from the days of time, ritual of beach down to June 10 of the lunar calendar until 1702 (1702),The festival is go to Hashimoto put out a portable shrine from each region before sunset of the 10th, put back sacred sake to the consecration performs the dedication of Kagura in the river boat, before sunset of the 12th to make a Okariya before Osamu Samurai home of carpenter out of the Tenno, Inc., there to carry a portable shrine, and those in that return to each region

In 1703 in response to the offer with as many people can be pilgrimage to the shrine, and will-call to Okariya without attributed traces portable shrine of the beach down, and 12 It became a form of faith that back in the day. Then, also now turning the portable shrine to each town, first kneaded in Portable shrine faith is now appearing in 1714 (1714).






The Big Float festival of Sawara

Summer: Fri, Sat, Sun (3 days) after 10th July
Autumn: Fri, Sat, Sun in the 2nd week of Oct


By train: Take the JR Narita line to Sawara Station and walk 15 mins
By car: Higashi Kanto Expressway, 10 mins from Sawara-Katori exit
By High-way bus: Kanto Railways Green Bus from Tokyo Station for Hokota-station, getting off at Yasaka.
Keisei bus, from Hamamatsu-cho, or Tokyo-station, bound for Choshi, via Sawara: Get off at Sawara station north exit, and walk 20 mins.

For more information on the festival…


カテゴリー: events of sawara, The Big Float festival of Sawara